It’s hard to believe but we’re now up to version 7 of the K2BSA Jamboree Operations plan. This one is a real blockbuster, or at least really heavy. It comes in at just over 60 pages and addresses a fair bit of detail in each of the main operations: Radio Merit Badge, Demonstration Station, and ARDF-Foxhunting.

The Radio Merit Badge lays out the plan to provide training and experiential learning that allows a Scout to earn the badge in just under four hours. It starts on the hour, every hour, so waiting is at a minimum. The first 90 minutes get the Scout up to speed sufficiently to spend the next 30 minutes on the air making contacts. The final 90 minutes get through the rest of the technical information. Nice way to sandwich the technical content around a hands-on activity.

The Demonstration Station provides a complete run down of the station facilities, the plan for achieving a consistent demonstration around SSB and PSK for the maximum number of Scouts, and even lays out the work shifts for the volunteer staff members.

The ARDF-Foxhunting notes a great deal about the activity that is sure to be a hit at the Summit — finding hidden transmitters using directional antennas and receivers. This group will also be launching high-altitude balloons with amateur radio payloads. We also plan a contact with the International Space Station and if that weren’t enough, we’re trying to set up a contact with a deep sea research submarine!

You can see the plan at K2BSA Jamboree Operations Plan Version 7. Check it out!

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