We’ve begun to launch the promotion campaign for Jamboree on the Air 2012. The event is October 20-21. The patch design has just been approved and we’re now getting the word out across various Scouting and amateur radio channels. This gives us an opportunity to get people involved early in building their plans for the weekend. A great deal of support information is available at the USA JOTA Website.

The 2011 JOTA had nearly 750,000 Scouts participating on over 6,000 stations in 150 countries worldwide. In the US we had over 3,000 Scouts participating across 68 stations — although over 200 stations registered their operation before the weekend.

It’s a great event, get involved with your local Scout council or support the efforts of your ham radio club. Introduce Scouts to the science and technology of amateur radio and get them involved in this great hobby, or even introduce them to their future career!

What do you think?