Spent some time today working on new Facebook cover images for my Facebook page, K5ND, and for the Facebook fan page I operate for K2BSA. A Google search revealed that the image size is 850 pixels by 315 pixels. So I set up the Photoshop file for these dimensions and started adding graphic elements. I really didn’t have any photos that would be suitable at that image size. So I felt it best to build simple graphic headers for each page.

K5ND Facebook Cover Image

It took me much of the afternoon, with a few other tasks fit in edgewise, to tweak and tweak some more until I found just the right images. For the K5ND page, I found an Apple iMac psd image that fit the full sweep of the necessary image size, which represents my ham shack perfectly. However, I found that it didn’t really work that well on the page. So I compressed the iMac to the right side of the page, and just a bit toward the bottom. I then used the K5ND graphic from my website header and at first added the folded map image. Not quite right. Then I added a radio wave icon, but it didn’t really work either. Then I tried a couple of different globe images but not quite right. Finally, I got to messing with a headphone image and added it to the globe — seemed to work perfectly. I’ve used the headphones and globe image for the featured image on this post. You can also see the Facebook cover image to the right.

K2BSA Facebook Cover Image

For the K2BSA Facebook cover image I began the blue K2BSA and globe image used on the website header. Not too bad, but not quite what’s needed in that space. I then began working with the blue K2BSA graphic type and the Radio Scouting emblem. That didn’t really seem to work either. So finally I put together the K2BSA metal typeface along with the Radio Scouting emblem, downsized them a bit, and loaded it up. Works pretty well.

I also spent a little time tweaking on the K5ND Twitter image. Fun times working with Photoshop to make some nice images.

What do you think?