In my last post I commented on RUMped, a Mac-based contest logging sofware developed by DL2RUM. In this post I’m going to take up RUMLog, a Mac-based general logging program also developed by DL2RUM.

For years I’ve used MacLoggerDX and I really like the program and the support that is provided by Don Agro, VE3VRW. However, as serious contest operating became the norm for me I began to look for a better option for that segment of my operating, which MacLoggerDX does not support. I’ve worked with Mac-based Skookum Logger and I note that it is growing into a very nice contest package. However, I found recently that RUMped had undergone major upgrades and as noted in my last post, really suits my current contest requirements. As a result, I also decided to try our RUMLog in order to better integrate the two. One further reason behind this is that I’m somewhat of a “brand” guy. All my golf clubs are made by PING. My ham shack is all Elecraft. All our family’s computers are Apple, as are our phones. Nuff said.

RUMLog Screen with several windows open

I’m still getting used to RUMLog, but so far I really like it. I’ve included a couple of full screen shots of many of the RUMLog windows I use routinely. Just click on the image to see it full size with more detail visible. The first really nice connection is the interface with the Elecraft K3. That alone would probably sell me on the program. It also has a great interface with WinKeyer. The interface with the DX cluster programs works well, although perhaps not as graphically pleasing as MacLoggerDX. The CW window works very nicely. I really like the window with the world map and the greyline indication (between night and day around the world). While MacLoggerDX offers this, you need to move into a different window to see it, then bounce back to your regular operating window. RUMLog allows you to see it all the time in a window you can size for your desktop.

RUMLog with QRZ window open

RUMLog also has a very nice interface with Logbook of the World — automatically downloading updates from your account. It also has a nice connection with QRZ, although MacLoggerDX does this in a more graphically pleasing manner. You’ll also note that the windows shown in these screen shots have a blue palette versus the green pallette with RUMped. This is one of the preferences options, you can choose your preferred palette! I’d tell you about more of the feature set, but I’m still discovering them and putting them to use.  You can find out more at DL2RUM’s webpage including downloading the software and documentation for free!

Overall, I’m discovering more and more features of the program that I not only like but that are becoming invaluable to my operation. Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Jim, my first contact with you was for JOTA which I failed at in NYC, not much interest. But this post caught my attention as I am trying to interface my ft-817 to RumLog. I learned the software about a year ago and have been off the air, gray hair is getting in my way of remembering how to best use it 🙂
    I know you have the K3, but have you ever seen this interfaced with the ft-817?


  2. Hello Jim. I really like Rumlog too as it interfaces nicely with the K2 transceiver. The log functions all work smoothly. Have you tried Tom’ other program, RumPed? It’s just as slick as Rumlog and helps you focus on various contests.
    73, Richard WB2PEF

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your comments. I’ve used RumPed and Skookum Logger for contests on the Mac. I particularly liked RumPed for RTTY contests with the Elecraft K3. Unfortunately, I found many contests that were not supported by either program. So I’ve installed a Windows PC in the shack and now use N1MM Logger. The Windows PC also allows me to use DM-780, WSJT, and JT65-HF. Even so, up until a few weeks ago I was still using RumLog as my main logging program for import to Logbook of the World and Clublog as well as tracking DXCC etc. Now I’m using MacLoggerDX for those tasks as well as tracking VUCC.

      It’s still pretty darn amazing what Tom, DL2DUM, provides at no charge. What an amazing hobby we’re engaged in!

      73, Jim, K5ND

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