I’ve just posted a new podcast. It is one of my all time favorites from P.G. Wodehouse and his line of golf stories told by the Oldest Member. In this one, Chester Forgets Himself, the Oldest Member recounts the plight of Chester as he falls in love with his dream woman. However, Chester’s normal golf game is usually punctuated with liberal cuss words. When golfing with his dream woman, he must contain himself. As a result, his game as well as his romantic charm truly go off the boil. Listen to this all time great story to find out how this severe handicap is overcome! I hope you enjoy this wonderful golf story.

For those of you who come here for some technical info, I’ll note that I recorded this with the built-in microphone on my iMac using the application Garage Band. I then edited out most of the verbal slip ups, hacks, coughs, and what have you; then added a couple of music loops to the introduction and ending. This recording lasts nearly 58 minutes. The resulting MP3 came in at nearly 70 MB and is too large to even upload to my web host’s server. However, as an MPEG 4 file it came in at 28 MB. Plus, it runs just dandy on testing in Safari. My other podcasts, which I recommend you try, have all used MP3 format. Hopefully, all things will work just fine. Let me know.

4 January 2012 Update —- well it didn’t work out just fine. The MPEG4 file didn’t play at all well. So initially I set out to cut up the recording into two parts. In the process, however, I learned that having GarageBand generate the MP3 file as an audio podcast in the small format brought the file size down to 28 MB for the MP3. Viola, it is now posted and running perfectly. I hope you enjoy it.

What do you think?