I entered the ARRL 10 meter contest this weekend. I was a little tired and had a couple of dinner engagements, which shouldn’t have interferred too much with 10 meter propagation. A demotivating factor was that Skookum Logger wasn’t calculating the multipliers correctly. So I couldn’t really see my score, which could have served as a motivator in collecting more QSO’s. None-the-less, I managed to get in 175 QSO’s and 32,200 points. Worked 18 countries, both coasts of the US, and many of the Canadian provinces. Didn’t hear Mexico or anything in the Midwest. This may have been due to my vertical’s low angle of radiation.

Perhaps the highlight was moving into run mode for the first time ever. I managed to work 25 QSO’s over about an hour. I sent my CQ at 15 wpm, which seemed to attract those who were sending slower, including a couple of straight keys. It got to be a mission to work those like me that are a bit handicapped with a lower CW speed. It was fun.

I hope you had a good ARRL 10 meter contest.

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