I entered the ARRL CW Sweepstakes this weekend even thought I couldn’t quite hang around for the end of the contest. I am headed to training that leads to commissioning as a Scouting Professional. It starts Sunday afternoon and continues for what I’m told is a rigorous two weeks.

The contest went well, particularly now that I’m running 100 watts (all search and pounce). Most people answered me and those that didn’t were due to pile ups and having trouble getting through. You can see my score. Managed to snag 63 of the total 80 sections available. I spent most of my time on 10 meters on Saturday, moving up briefly to 15 meters, then 20 meters before spending the evening on 40 meters. On Sunday I spent most of my time on 15 meters before moving up to 10 meters. I spent about 10 hours all told on the contest.

Now to pack for the training. Thanks to all who worked me during the contest.


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