I recently purchased Fred Cady’s, KE7X, manual titled The Elecraft K3, Design, Configuration, and Operation. The cover subtitle is “all you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask!”. You learn more about the manual at Fred’s Website.

I’m glad you can’t see, in the scan here, all the colored tags that I’ve inserted in the manual. There were quite a few “aha’s!” when I read through the manual. It is very thorough in the description of the operation of the K3. However, the big thing for me was one place to go to catch up on all the features that have been added since I purchased my K3 in late 2008. While I read the release notes and caught the chatter on the Elecraft mailing list, I often did not have the chance to try out the new feature when it was first announced. Then not having work with it, the feature was soon lost to memory. A prime example was the Audio Peaking Filter. While I still haven’t tried it out, at least I have it marked in the book and am ready to try it out when I get the chance!

This manual also covers the Elecraft P3. Here again, it has proven helpful to refresh my memory on all the capabilities of this device and it provides great insight into how to operate all the modes and features.

My only regret with purchasing this book, it that I bought the hard copy. Had I purchased the electronic copy, I could have received updates to the book as updates and features were added to the K3. Think about that option before you make your purchase.

Great book and I’d say a must have addition to your shack if you have a K3.

What do you think?