In April I earned DXCC CW. In July ARRL mailed me the certificate. I waited to post anything here, expecting that a CW endorsement sticker would eventually show up. When I inquired in August I was informed that the certificate should have a CW already printed on it. Nope. So they printed a new certificate —

K5ND DXCC CW Certificate

I’m surprised with the somewhat haphazard nature of the replacement certificate. It doesn’t include my full name, as did the original certificate, and it has a substantially different serial number. I guess that’s to match it up with the proper sequence for the CW certificate.

None-the-less, it is nice to have the proper certificate framed and hanging on the wall of my ham shack. As noted previously, all the 100 QSO’s were worked with my Elecraft K3 with a maximum of 10 watts output to my verticals and the temporary 15 meter Moxon two-element beam for contests. I’m please with the achievement and grateful for all those who pulled my pipsqueak signal out of the QRM, QSB, and QRN. Now for 150 countries and the various bands at 100 countries. I believe that 15 meters is the closest to achieving 100 countries. The KPA3 100 watt amplifier should help a great deal.


    • Thanks, Eric. It’s nice to have these awards to focus my ham radio efforts. Getting to 150+ and the 5-band challenges will take a bit more power, perhaps some better antennas, and no doubt some operating skill!

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