You’ve probably seen my earlier posts about Jamboree on the Air and my designation at National JOTA Organizer. I’ve also recently been elected president, treasurer, and trustee for the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association. This is the association that operates the amateur radio station at the National Jamboree and at various events around the country, including JOTA.

To date I’ve been pulling the organization together, updating the IRS and the State of Texas to make sure they have the right address and contact. Along the way I learned that we need to reapply to the IRS for our 501(c)(3) status. So I’ve been filling out a lot of forms and making a few contacts on that front.

I’ve also updated the FCC license records and reactivated the club with the ARRL. Then there was the matter of rounding up all the online communication channels for the association. I was added to the Facebook page as an administrator, but later learned that the K2BSA username was already registered to someone else. So we have the username K2BSA.Scouting, which I guess has a clear identity for those not already involved in amateur radio. With Twitter, the K2BSA name was already taken and no longer active. However, they will not relinquish an existing username, so I established K2BSA_Scouting.

With the website I was more fortunate in that the previous president, Frank Krizan, KR1ZAN, had already reserved,, and The only thing I needed to do was transfer them from Go Daddy to the hosting company recommended by WordPress, BlueHost, which I use for this site. That is a story that requires a least one adult beverage in hand before it can be retold. So I’ll skip over the ugly details. The good news is that is now up and running and looking pretty good.

I’ve also updated the entry and the entry. Here’s the links

K2BSA Website
K2BSA Facebook
K2BSA Twitter

The K2BSA website has come together pretty well using WordPress and the same theme that I used to build the website for Saint Laurence Church. I found the theme versatile and well suited to website that is primarily for information rather than frequent blog posts. Check it out and let me know what you think. Then get involved with Radio Scouting!

What do you think?