In reading through the August QST I find that I finished 5th in the Midwest Region Single OP All Band QRP category with 75,000+ points in the ARRL DX CW contest. That is a nice bit of progress in this contest — thanks chiefly to more time in the chair and the Elecraft P3 that greatly helps my search and pounce efforts.

The progress is witnessed by progressively higher QSO and score numbers. This was the first ever contest I entered with my then relatively new Elecraft K3/10. I managed to work 21 QSOs and 1,000 points. In 2010, with a bit more serious effort and a much better 20 meter to 10 meter antenna (the Cushcraft MA6V versus the original dipole on 20 meters) I worked 120 QSOs for 30,000 points and managed 1st in North Texas. In 2011 I was still running the K3/10 and my two verticals (Butternut HF2V and the Cushcraft MA6V) plus a temporary 15 meter Moxon, that really helped my signal into Europe, Africa, and the Pacific regions, getting my first JA contacts for example. That brought 200 QSOs.

Time to celebrate! Making some progress in my contesting skills, station setup, and operating results.

What do you think?