If you’ve checked my website over the last few weeks, you would have noticed that I’ve been doing some serious tweaking on the website header. Right away I had determined that my call sign, K5ND, should be in the header. I usually display my call sign using lower case type and the font Bauhaus 93. So that went up right away. But still I tweaked on the image itself and the various features that I could manipulate in Photoshop.

Next, I set about finding the right image for the left side of the header. I tried world maps, folded world maps, headphones on a globe, and a few other images that I found on the web and that I could manipulate in Photoshop. Finally, as I was reviewing some stock photos I realized that I already had a great image of a CW wave sending the letter “R” or di-dah-dit. This image had been made for an early QSL by Bob Wiemers, W5FIG, using Illustrator. I soon translated it into a Photoshop image and began manipulating it to fit my header. On the first pass, in it’s original green color (to match an oscilloscope display) it really just sat there. Later I got the inspiration to tweak it to the same color as the call sign. Then I began using the emboss functions, drop shadow (which didn’t work well and was dropped), along with a few other adjustments. It worked and looked so good that I needed to go back and manipulate the call sign once more to obtain a better match.

Finally, after a fair bit of searching as well as trial and error, I believe I’ve found the header that will work for my site at least for the next few weeks or perhaps even months. Hope you like it, too.

What do you think?