Ham Shack

She who must be obeyed… has granted my ham shack a place in an alcove, primarily so that the blight that is my radio station will not offend our guests. She does allow a vertical and push-up mast with yagis to mar the landscape of our small yard. So I’m fortunate to have such a tolerant spouse.

My transceiver is an Icom IC-9100 that matches my current ham radio activities perfectly. Those include satellites, VHF/UHF contesting, six meter grid chasing, and forays on HF for grins. I’ve added the 1296 MHz module and D-Star to the rig as well. I’m hoping to do more on 1296.

For antennas, I have a Cushcraft MA6V 20 to 6 meter vertical mounted on top of a 20 foot mast against the back fence. It works well. I also have a 25 foot push-up mast with rotator and Par Electronics 6 meter moxon. I’ve also added yagi antennas for working satellites on 2 meters and 70 cm and a helix on 23 cm. Preamps are installed for all three antennas.

I also enjoy activating grids for satellites and contests as a rover. On those outings I use an Icom IC-910H. You can find more information at K5ND Rover.

For logging, I currently use MacLoggerDX after a spell of Windows software. I also use MacDoppler for satellites. It’s a perfect software suite for my current operations. It all plays together very nicely. For the VHF/UHF contests, I’m using Skookum Logger. I also use WSJT for weak signal digital work.

My ham shack has changed over the years as my interests have evolved. That’s one of the great things about our hobby – there’s always something new to explore.

For historical background, check out the photo gallery below along with the table for a glimpse of my ham shack’s evolution.

K5ND Gear History

YearActivityGearAntennasPaper Chase
1964SWLKnightkit Star RoamerLong wireQSLs
1973CW - SSBCentral Electronics 10-BG5RVQSLs
1974FMDrake TR-22QuadQSOs
1975SWLDrake SSR-1Long wireNASWA 50
1976SWLR-388Long wireAll VOA Xmtrs
1980RTTYWRL Galaxy VLoopQSOs
2006CWIcom IC-745VerticalWAS
2008CWElecraft K3/10VerticalQRP DXCC
2010FMIcom IC-P7AHTJamboree
2011CWElecraft K3/100MoxonDXCC 200 CW
2013FM-D-StarIcom ID-31AHTJamboree
2014RTTYElecraft K3/100MoxonDXCC 100 RTTY
2015VHFElecraft K3/100Moxon6m VUCC
2016VHF-UHFIcom IC-910HYagisSatellite VUCC
2017VHF-UHFIcom IC-9100YagisSatellite VUCC

If you’re a ham radio operator, I hope to work you someday soon. If I have worked you, thanks for your patience. Thanks also for digging my signal out of the QRN and QRM.

73 + 55